Start your 2016 on a Submissive Note with Mistress Victoria’s new Book; Available Valentine’s Weekend 2016

My new book comes out this weekend, just in time for Valentine’s Day. As you can see from the cover below, it contains five sizzling accounts of men turned into feminized, submissive slaves by powerful women like myself.  Look for it this weekend on Amazon.  I will post a message when it’s available. Enjoy, my pets!


Mistress Victoria

Five All-New

Yes, You CAN Make a Straight Man Gay. Here’s How.

victoriaAnyone who is familiar with my techniques knows that I place a huge emphasis on mental bondage. Controlling the slave’s cock and other body parts is fine.  But the mind is the key to everything, ladies. Control that handful of gray and pink goo and you can literally reshape a man into whatever form you desire, including a cock-craving gay boy.

The key to achieving this transformation is slow, systematic punishment and reward. Men have no control over their primal urges, you see. Stopping them from serving their cocks is like trying to cap a volcano. It will simply pop up somewhere else.

So use that pressure to your advantage by denying your male subjects release. Allow no sex between him and yourself, at least none in which he orgasms. If he asks for it, then tell him his penis is of no interest to you. Degrade and humiliate him to destroy his confidence and self-identity. These steps may sound cruel, but they are for his own good.

After he begins to melt under your fury, you can rebuild him into a happily gay man by giving him little rewards. For example, permit him to masturbate, but only if he watches a steamy man-on-man video while he’s jacking off. Praise him for having the kind of body other men would love to touch. Encourage him to abandon his interests in sports and other masculine interests. Substitute new hobbies like knitting, Broadway musicals, and romantic flicks.

Like water washing against a rock, these efforts will have a dramatic effect over time. Soon your formerly straight guy will be walking with an effeminate swish and using a lilting tone in his voice.   After that, expect him to ask your permission to suck another man’s cock and to spread his ass cheeks for a good, hard pounding from a hung stud. Show delight when he mentions these subjects and give him your enthusiastic permission.

For the ultimate step, accompany him to a gay bar and let the long-time fags take turns initiating him into their world. After this happens, make sure you reveal his little secret to all his straight buddies. This will burn the bridge back to his former life forever, keeping him gay, submissive, and under your strict control – which is where he belongs anyway.

Hopefully you’ll soon implement these methods into your personal relationships.  Your man will thank you for turning him out, and you will thank yourself for the change in him.  In the meantime, visit my Amazon page to add a little reading fun to your day. Enjoy!

Where I Have Been for the Past Few Months

victoriaThere is an unlimited amount of utter BS on the Internet.  Because of that, my recent absence has caused a few of my followers to fear I was just an illusion, a phantom conjured up by a hairy trucker sitting alone on I-95 with a bottle of lube.

Never fear, though, I am 100% real, from my crimson hair to my kiss-my-ass attitude. However, like all flesh-and-blood people I have real-life responsibilities. In this case, I refer to my beloved mom, who struggled for two years with cancer. Her condition became such that I had to suspend my career for a few months to stay with her in Oregon.

I am sad to say that she is no longer with us. Her time on earth ended just after New Years. I have been wrapping up her affair since and just got back to the Bay Area to pick up where I left off. Getting this blog running again is one of my first priorities, so I will soon bless you with insights culled from my 10+ years of dominating and feminizing men.

My recent experiences have strengthened my already firm belief in female supremacy. With my dominant sisters, I devote myself anew to achieving a world in which my gender runs everything.  If you don’t like that, then you can kiss my perfectly shaped ass, because I honestly don’t give a damn.

On the other hand, if you’re one of the growing number of people who realize the truth of what I am saying, then I welcome you to my stable of adoring worshipers. Sadly, I can’t dominate all of you in person, much as I would like to. But you can experience the essence of what I offer by reading my works on Amazon, which you can find at this link.

By paying tribute in this way, you’ll both gain brownie points with me and hasten the day of your own total sissification – which makes it a win-win for everyone. To all I wish a happy and fulfilling 2016.

Mistress Victoria

February 3, 2016

How to Slap a Man for Maximum Effect

I am a strong proponent of face flapping, more for the psychological than the physical effects.  Slapping a man will humiliate him more effectively than any other act.  However, to avoid unnecessary damage to the subject, you should observe the following rules:

  • Use the inside of the hand to avoid striking with your knuckles.
  • Don’t wear jewelry on the hand with which you’re doing the slapping.
  • Make sure your hand is flat, not cupped.
  • Use extra care if you have long fingernails.
  • For extra effect, I recommend slapping the submissive/slave when he is crying. This will increase the pain and add to his sense of humiliation and degradation.  One more tip: fan your fingers.  This leaves a beautiful imprint on his face!

BTW, I’m also the author of a number of highly acclaimed erotic works available on Amazon. Find out more at this link.